Giving has always been important to us. It is part of our culture here at PSI. As life and health brokers, our role is to help people. This goes way beyond selling insurance. Giving back enriches not just our professional lives, but our personal lives as well and we are just getting started!

Early in our history, we established a very tight relationship with The HLA Registry Foundation, a bone marrow registry in River Edge NJ. After a routine blood donation, Ed was called as a preliminary match for a person in need of a bone marrow transplant. A secondary blood test disqualified him. (Testing today is more precise so a secondary test would be unnecessary). That disappointment lead him to the founder of the Registry, Dr. Eli Katz. The two hit it off and Ed became an advocate.

Ed started a program called “In Honor of Life” and made a charitable contribution to them for every life policy he sold. He also held donor drives. His efforts helped with public awareness, added hundreds of donors to the Registry and much needed funds. People, often children, with fatal blood disorders have a better chance for a life saving match as the result of this effort. A peer nominated Ed for an annual award from the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Foundation and he won the top “Quality of Life” award that year, internationally. The MDRT Foundation presented Ed a $10,000 check to and for The HLA Registry Foundation. This money, his program and matching funds from individuals and the Guardian provided thousands of dollars to a very worthy cause. Pay it forward!

“Giving back enriches not just our professional lives,
but our personal lives as well…”

Dr Katz passed away and the HLA Registry Foundation merged with the Bergen County Blood Center. They were not as interested in continuing with the relationship so Ed found other worthy causes.

Wounded Warrior Project:

As the team was putting together holiday cards in 1994, Ed said “what a waste of resources. We should do something more meaningful”. After much thought, Wounded Warrior Project was selected. Since then, in lieu of holiday cards and gifts, we make a charitable donation to the WWP. The brave men and women that protect us and sacrifice so much, benefit from us using our resources in a more meaningful way. Being thankful and showing our gratitude is very important to us. The feedback we received for this small gesture was, and continues to be, amazing each and every year. Many of our clients have started a similar program with their favorite charities. Pay it forward! Read our blast email. click here

Yankee Tickets:

After winning a silent bid at a charity auction for Yankees tickets, Ed was reminded of all his great memories in the seats of the Stadium as a young boy and adult. Without hesitation, he knew he wanted to help another child experience the magic of a baseball game in person. Family bonding at its best! Read all about it: click here

When children have to deal with critical health problems or personal tragedies, they miss out on so many life experiences that we take for granted.  We were thrilled to provide families with the opportunity to take a break from their worries and just spend some quality time together.

Medieval Times:

We decided on another community initiative to send 4 families to enjoy an unbelievable feast and tournament at Medieval Times. Some of our awesome clients made matching donations so that the experience became available to 3 additional families – and just like that, 4 spots turned into 7!! Pay it forward!  In addition, we were reading all about an impressive young lady that was making New Jersey proud, so PSI recognized her outstanding achievement as well, making it 8!
Click here for a list and stories of the extraordinary families.

Disney On Ice:

For the 2017 holiday season, we decided to make the holidays special for 8 sick children and their families. So in lieu of sending out holiday cards or gifts, we rented a suite at the Prudential Center in Newark NJ for Disney on Ice (on January 4th). Those children were treated like royalty with a VIP entrance, welcome, buffet and Butler. We could have only advanced our initiative with the help of the Ashley Lauren Foundation  www.AshleyLaurenFoundation.org and the Fighting Children’s Cancer Foundation  www.fccf.info  who provided us the names of those children and help so many more. Their stories are heart wrenching and inspiring at the same time. We know we can’t save the world but to make just one night special for these families that have been dealing with such enormous strain is one baby step in the right direction. Our hope is to inspire others to do something special for a cause that resonates with them.
Click here to read about these children.  A very special thank you goes out to The Prudential Center who were so accommodating to make this event so special to these children and their families.

Our philosophy will always include Giving.
Stay tuned for our next initiative.