“Congratulations to Ed. In finance, I believe, ethics is the key. That is why we rely on him.”
– Dr. I.

“Over our more than 25 years association, you have shown yourself to be thoroughly professional, always with primary consideration of your client’s requirements. This…. also recognizes your contributions and achievements in the community and further notes much of your company’s success is directly attributable to your efforts and innovative ideas.”
– Sal B.

“We appreciate everything Ed has done for us.”
– Mike F.

“We are very fortunate to work with such a professional group of people. Ed’s leadership and expertise certainly shines through in the work you folks at PSI do for us! Thanks for having our backs!”
– Colleen H.

“We love everything about you!”
– Adam B.

“Jodi, you are always sooo helpful. Thank you for coming back to me so soon and with clear/concise explanations. I hope Ed realizes what a charm he has in you!”
– Dawn C.

“Ed, You are a gem.”
– Dr. F.

“Thanks for all your efforts, as always, you guys are amazing”
– Sam C.

“Thank you much, it’s a pleasure having you guys on our side”
– Eugene K..

“Not sure what we would do if we didn’t have you.”
– Rob F.

“Awesome; thanks so much Whitney! You guys are the best!!”
– Laura W.

“Damn, can you respond any faster???? You don’t just aim, you far exceed expectations. Many thanks.”
– Chris M.

“Everyone at PSI is wonderful, always genuine and very helpful – going the extra 10 steps and more. Thank you all.”
– Darlene S.

“I would recommend you and your company to anyone that asks!!”
– Cindy M.

“Thanks again to your team for making the open enrollment process so easy!”
– Christina W.

“Thanks. I know I can always depend on your for a speedy response.”
– Dr. I.

“Besides your great professional services, you are also an excellent community asset.”
– Sal B.

“I wish all my agents were like you, for sure…Even when you get upset (justifiably so I may add), you are still pleasant to deal with…”
– Michelle P.

“We appreciate the fantastic support we receive all year long from you and your extremely capable and friendly support staff.”
– Ellie F.

“I would like to thank each of you for all your great work in 2016! You always help me throughout the year and I want you to know that I appreciate each of you individually.  You make my job a whole lot easier, that’s for sure!”
– Eileen R.

“Super job! You’re so lucky to have such a dependable team.”
– Chris G.

“We’re lucky to be working with you and I look forward to doing business together for many years to come.”
– Barbara S.

“Damn, I love you….not only do you remember, but you also respond to emails. Thank you!!!!”
– Chris M.

“Ed, thank you for spending so much time with us this morning, you were awesome and again…welcome to our team!”
– Cindy M.

“Jodi did a bang up job on the MetLife call yesterday. She was well prepared, kept on target and certainly lowered our collective stress level.  It was an extension of our experience on a daily basis that she is great to deal with.”
– Jim O.

“Thanks for helping me with the health insurance. Whitney was awesome!”
–Robert W.

“Dear Thanae, A thousand thanks.  You really saved me so much grief dealing with Aetna.  I sincerely appreciate all your effort on this.”
– Dan S

“Tell Ed, congrats- he is a perfect spokesperson.”
–Dick K.

“Jodi: Thank you for all your hard work on my behalf. You really went above and beyond.”
– Jessica G.

“Thank you very much for the referral to Ed Gaelick.  Very sharp and very personalized service.  He went the extra mile to help me renew my plan and save me money too.  Good stuff.”
– Hayes R

“Thank you for providing us with excellent service throughout.  Your diligence and efficiency is unmatched!”
– Manvinder D

                       “You’re like the energizer battery … just keep going!  I must say, I’m really enjoying getting to know you.  I think your client service approach is very impressive.”
– Adam B

“I don’t normally give out that many blanket endorsements, but in this case I could not resist….I have introduced some top business clients to Ed…they have all been blown away by his knowledge…and problem solving skills…Ed is quite simply, the best!”
– Steven A

“Thank you so much for the warm message.  It’s also been my pleasure to have been associated with you over these years and to have experienced your professionalism and guidance during that time”.
– Ed R., Retired

“Ed is the best”
– Marc D

“One of the best days I had was when Ed Gaelick walked into my office to introduce himself. His firm fits my needs like a glove fits a hand. Now I have the security of knowing that Ed and his staff are on top of everything without me having to worry. This is why I endorsed PSI Consultants with our Osteopathic Medical Society. I truly appreciate everything Ed and his staff has done for me and my family personally.”
– Dr. Steven F. R

“It is a pleasure to have you back on board! I really missed your timely responses to my questions. Thanks again for the great service!!!”
– Ed S

“Thanae, Attached are the credits we received from BCBS for a combined total of $12,711.07. Thanks to you and Ed very much!
– Tante R

“Thanks Ed! You are the best!!”
– Melissa R

“Jodi, as always, you do an amazing job!”
– Pat K

“I have also copied our fantastic Health Insurance expert, Jodi, on this email should you have any questions…”
– Abhi P

“Ed, you are one of the most professional excellent people I’ve had the privilege to work with.”
– Dr. L

“Jodi, what a great presentation. I will be proud to share these with our people…extremely professional, clear, concise and laid out.  I hope Ed realizes what a great representative you are of PSI.”
– Joe W.

“Thanks for the hard work Ed. I know from experience these things don’t come easy.”
– Jim O.

“We have been using PSI Consultants for 28 years…Ed Gaelick and his staff have always responded immediately when called upon. Ed has become a trusted advisor for us.”
– Bruce D

“I am so happy we have finally found a broker that is so thorough. Believe me, it is such a pleasure!!!”
– Margaret M

“In my humble opinion, that was a difficult situation that you handled with grace and professionalism.”
– Stephanie C R

“Thanks, Jodi…This could be the cleanest submission I have got in years. Very refreshing to get something so organized!!”
– Michael P

“I wanted to reiterate the extreme professionalism and dedicated customer service of Thanae. She is always so pleasant on the phone to start! Thanae is always more than willing to review and assist with any paperwork that’s unclear or where I might have questions.”
– Julie D

“Jodi, you make this so easy! Thank you so much for your help! Unfortunately, I now know just how reliable you are and will be taking full advantage of that as it relates to insurance questions!”
– Frank S

“Thank you! You are very patient and great at what you do!”
– Pat P

“Thank you so much Whitney. You have provided me with some of the best customer service I’ve ever received, and I truly appreciate it.”
– Hollis N

“…thank you and Jodi again for the informative seminar you presented to the North Jersey Chamber of Commerce members. It was the first time I’ve been to one of these that I understood the presentation …and more importantly, having questions answered properly and professionally.”
– Joseph O

“Ed, your presentation today was very helpful to everyone. Thank you and your team for everything.”
– Phyllisann M

“Thanks, Jodi…you make it look easy!”
– Rich F

“Hi…Whitney has been great! You are all great!”
– Karen R

“We feel that no one else will be able to compete with the customer service of all at PSI…”
– Karen R

“Ed, thanks for the thorough and clear explanation this morning. Greatly appreciate your efforts and every ones efforts at PSI and the service provided to our firm.”
– Barry K

“Ed, everyone here thinks you’re a star!”
– Michelle C

“I do want to let you know that I appreciate your work and services and want to extend a special thanks to Jodi for her professionalism and help with our benefits administration.”
– Joe O

“Whitney:  Thank you very much.  That was beyond great service.”
– Nancy T

“Thanae, Would it be weird to tell you that WE LOVE YOU?  Seriously, thanks so much for working on this for us.”
– Jason R

“By the way, your office staff is fantastic”.
– Dr. Richard P

“Better than anyone in this business, Ed! We are lucky to have you guys back with us!”
– Slavik Z

“We really appreciate the prompt and professional service you have provided.”
– Ellie F

“Thank you for your continued quality for the past 10 years on all our health and life insurance needs.  We greatly appreciate the personal contact you have shown all our employees and also the people we have referred you to over the years.”
– Curtis L

“ I want to really thank you for your effort in getting me this money and going to bat for me…my other broker would have never done this for me!”
– Evan A

“…Whereas other companies start out great and can’t be found when it matters most, Ed and his competent team guide us.  I highly recommend Ed Gaelick.”
– Bob F

“As a busy executive, father and husband, time and financial stability is of the utmost importance.  The trust I have in Ed allows me the freedom of not worrying about my financial future and affords me additional quality time with my family.”
– Harry F

“You were always kind and helpful…Thanks again for your service.”
– Joanne S

“Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the special attention you offered us…It would not have happened without you Ed! It is always such a pleasure dealing with you and your professionalism.”
– Dawn & Billy B

“It was a pleasure…having the opportunity to work side by side in a meeting. Both Tony & I were favorably impressed with the manner you conducted the meeting with Dr. M”.
– Morris P

“Thanks for your complete professionalism and sincere willingness to help. We feel confident that you are impacting our financial future in a positive way.”
– Heather D

“You will see …that your client has taken the time to comment on your professional service….You’re good work reflects positively….”
– Leonard R

“Edward R Gaelick received unsolicited high praises ….in our survey. The positive impression he made on his client reflects favorably on …….as well as on the whole insurance industry.”
– Frank G

“Dear Ed, Words are inadequate to express my appreciation to you for the outstanding leadership & expertise you so generously provided to me and all our officers & personnel.”
– Niles

“Ed and his staff are truly the nicest and most capable people we have come to know in the insurance business. With genuine caring and upmost professionalism, PSI Consultants has proven it is first rate in their field.”
– Michelle H

“We have done business for ten years now, and your service seems to constantly improve, in spite of the fact that insurance becomes more and more complicated, time consuming and is constantly changing.”
– Joseph T

“Thank you for your continued quality service for the past ten years on all our health and life insurance needs. We greatly appreciate the personal contact you have shown all our employees.”
– Curtis L

“Your expertise helped put us at ease and enabled us to concentrate on the real issues”
– Kate S

“Your professional staff and personal integrity make you a true leader in your field.”
– Ira Van V

“I for one realize that yours is not an easy business and I thank you and your entire staff for your excellent customer service.”
– Vicki D

“In a service type business such as this, it is refreshing today to work with a firm such as PSI, that really understands the needs of its customers.”
– F Keith S

“I would highly recommend Ed Gaelicks insurance services for you if you’re a small to mid-sized corporation.”
– Bob F

“They are experts in their business as well as incredibly professional and courteous with their clients.”
– Regina Z

“I’d like to take a moment to thank you for the tremendous effort you and your staff puts forward.”
– Donna H

“Ed brings together the combination of knowledge, experience and caring to his clientele and these attributes alone give him the cutting edge in the industry.”
– Gail D

“It is a pleasure to have an agent who keeps us well informed and looks after our best interests.”
– Mark W

“Choosing PSI Consultants and Ed Gaelick is clearly the best possible choice we could have made…I just wanted to take a few moments to express my highest regard for you and your company.”
– Debbie L

“It is also a pleasure to have an insurance agent who continues to assist us with our problems when they arise.”
– Patti G

“Your professionalism, courtesy, patience and attention to detail are like a ray of sunshine piercing what is normally a knocked down dragged out procedure.”
– Herbert N

“I feel confident having you as my insurance agent and knowing that I can trust you in your opinion for any future coverage that my family may need.”
– Michele C

“Please know that your kindness, generosity and support are always appreciated.”
– Gail M

“Just a short note to thank you for all the help you have given…..in providing the highest quality benefit program for our employees.”
– James Z

“I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your help and professionalism in providing… with our medical insurance.”
– Kim P

“I am very happy with your service and recommend you regularly.”
– Steven H

“This is just a BIG thank you note for your help, guidance and follow up with us.  We are proud to be a new client of yours as well as have a sincere trust in you to always do the right thing. In addition, although you provide a service, I personally deem you a party that should receive a pat on the back for the type of “hoops” you have to go through in your industry to service your customers. I want you to know that you are the only insurance professional I have ever met that saved me money, went to the “nth” degree in servicing our account, and educated us at the same time”
– Michael A

“We appreciate your help all year long!”
–  Arthur D

“You guys are really good!! I appreciate all your hard work and follow through.  Ed is lucky to have such a good team.
– Victor A

“You folks really do excellent work.  It’s a pleasure dealing with professionals.”
– Robert M

“Jodi was awesome. Her knowledge of the plan was top notch. She asked great questions and was overall very impressive.”
– Melissa R.

“Ed, I believe I had said this once to you but it’s worth saying again! Everyone in your office is wonderful… they are so helpful and very knowledgeable.  There has never been a problem with anyone ever getting back to me.  I had a few things come up and Whitney has been a great help to me, as always. I know you appreciate your staff but I like to remind you how lucky you are, they represent you well! You should be very grateful you have such a terrific staff working for you!”
– Eileen R

“On your recommendation, we refinanced our home … The refinancing has totally changed our financial picture.”
– James B.

“I want to tell you that it has been a pleasure to work with you and I will miss both of you. Thank you for all your help over the years.”
– Pat B, Retired

“You are wonderful…..thank you Ed!”
– Mary V.

“We will recommend you to others as our experience with you have been extremely good.  Thank you for all your support in working with us…we want to thank you for your service during the last couple of years and it has been a pleasure working with your team.”
– Dylan S.

“I’m writing to express my thanks for the service you, Whitney and Thanae have provided us for the last 2 years. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend PSI”.
– Bill K.

“I have been working with Jodi at PSI regarding the deductible credit.  She has been great and has been going the extra mile to help get it processed quicker for me.  Not often that you get to praise someone for their work, she has been awesome.”
– Jessica G

“I cannot tell you how much I truly appreciate your assistance throughout the year!”
– Margaret M

“Thanks to you and your staff for the great service you provide throughout the year, and your continued efforts to make the world a better plan.”
– Ellie F

“We love you and your team! Thank you for another great year!”
– Adam B

“I was on Facebook singing your praises. My Rabbi said you are a true mensch!”
–Gayle G

“I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for taking time from your busy schedules and making your presentations to  our troops.  I received a lot of positive comments and many were very happy to understand the process much better, including myself.”
– Sam R

“What a great meeting today. Thank you Ed! You and Steve do a wonderful road show. All of the employees really appreciated the information you presented.  Great feedback already!”
– Mary V

Evaluations on Ed from CPA Presentation: 
“I think this was one of the best seminars offered ever. The speakers were both knowledgeable and engaging. Plus the topic was very relevant.”
“impressive style and incredible knowledge of topic.”
“excellent, timely topic and speakers.”
“very interesting subject and the presenters were extremely knowledgeable.”