Life Insurance

You have important decisions to make. And even more important reasons to make the right decision! We will help you evaluate your options to give you the asset building and protection that you want and need. There are many types of life insurance to consider. Whole Life, Term, Level Term, Universal, Adjustable, Flexible, and dozens more. It can get overwhelming. We understand. We help you sort out all the options. Because who and what you’re protecting means something. Maybe everything to you.

Income Protection – Disability Insurance

Everything you have and everything you hope to have depends on your continued ability to go to work each day. Have you ever wondered how you’d be able to pay your bills if your income suddenly stopped? It’s a wise person who realizes their most valuable asset is their ability to earn an income.

Income protection however remains one of the most overlooked insurance policies. We can help you design a plan that suits your needs and budget to give you the peace of mind that you’re properly protected from life’s unforeseen surprises.

Long Term Care

When people think about long-term care, they may only consider the cost for care. But this is just part of the problem. The reality is that when the need arises, life changes for everyone. Few people know how to handle this event. And the insurance plans available that may enable you to have the resources to properly care for your loved ones are constantly changing. Depending on your specific circumstance, one plan may be more appropriate than another. We will explain the features and benefits of all the options for Long Term Care protection so you can have the peace of mind for that “what if?”.