PSI Consultants, LLC is more than an insurance agency. 
We are a business partner … your business partner.

Diversity is essential.  Whether your insurance needs are personal or business related, PSI Consultants can help.  Coordinating both makes for strong, comprehensive coverage which will provide you with security and peace of mind.  Company sponsored benefits include:  Medical, Dental, Life, Long Term Disability, Short Term Disability, Vision.  Business planning services include:  Executive/Key Person Benefits, Business Continuity Planning.  Personal insurances include:  Life, Long Term Disability, Long Term Care.

Service is fundamental.  We handle all insurance related matters from routine administrative tasks to complicated claim problems.  If a need arises for guidance beyond our expertise, we are aligned with other proven professionals that are at the top of their fields:  Accountants, Attorneys, HR Consultants, Certified Medicare Specialists, Payroll and more. 

Communication is key.  We encourage our clients to have regular contact with us so that we may be proactive.  Being aware of upcoming milestone birthdays such as attaining Ages 26 or 65 allows us to recommend options and avoid potential gaps in coverage and/or penalties.  Thinking about bringing on an out of area employee?  Let us know so we can make sure that all lines of coverage can accommodate the new hire.

Responsiveness is vital.  We believe in acknowledging all client inquiries.  Even if it is just to say that we are in receipt and will get back to you soon.  Accurate answers may not always be quick, but we will be sure to keep you up to date on our progress.

Knowledge is crucial.  Health care reform has significantly impacted the insurance industry.  We are always researching the latest changes and how carriers are interpreting them so we can keep our clients informed.

Consistency is confidence.  Ed Gaelick, CLU, ChFC established PSI Consultants, LLC in 1985.  His current administrative staff is remarkable.  Jodi Kennelly, Whitney Escher and Thanae Stavropoulos are a true team.  Their coordinated efforts come from working together for many years.  Having a reliable staff is a tremendous value.  Don’t take our word for it, just look at what our clients have to say:

This is just a BIG thank you note for your help, guidance and follow up with us.  We are proud to be a new client of yours as well as have a sincere trust in you to always "do the right thing".


In addition, although you provide a service, I personally deem you a party that should receive a pat on the back for the type of "hoops" you have to go through in your industry to service your customers.

– Michael F. Albanese, CPA, Cost Reduction Solutions


We appreciate your help all year long!
–  Arthur Dembro, CFO, TAB Networks 


You guys are really good!! I appreciate all your hard work and follow through.  Ed is lucky to have such a good team.
– Victor Abdy, The Madison Dog Resort


You folks really do excellent work.  It’s a pleasure dealing with professionals.

– Robert E. Martini, Esq., Martini Law LLC


Ed, I believe I had said this once to you but it’s worth saying again! Everyone in your office is wonderful… they are so helpful and very knowledgeable.  There has never been a problem with anyone ever getting back to me.  You should be very grateful you have such a terrific staff working for you!  

– Eileen Rajczyk, Executive Assistant to VP, BENEO Inc.