“I am wildly impressed and so grateful for the level of skill, knowledge and dedication…..it’s almost unbelievable in the current world of healthcare….I cannot thank you enough”  
– Dr. Jennifer A.

“Whitney is such an incredibly hard working woman…..a complete pleasure to work with….sometimes I feel like I am her only client! The way she treats any request I have is just amazing”  
– Eileen R.

“Thank you for making this process painless”  
– Teresa Z.

“Thanks so much for all your help and guidance….Your team was super efficient and an absolute pleasure to work with!”  
– Rob M.

“That was the easiest explanation of employee benefits we’ve ever had presented to us!”  
– Alice A.

“You guys are the best, even when bearing bad news.” 
– Michael A.

“Jodi…thank you for making this happen. You PSI people are the best!” 
– Gail M.

“Whitney is absolutely the best. You could not have a better person on your team”
– Dr Albert P.

“…the great service that you have provided us for years, at least since 1998 I believe. Keep on doing what you do so well”
– Thomas H.

“PSI ALWAYS comes to the rescue!! Couldn’t appreciate your team more!!”
– Gail T.

“Thanks Whitney.  Always results.  Nobody better”

– Frank S.

“I know and work with roughly 50 Long-Term Care Insurance agents in the area.  I have personally vetted all of them to best understand their knowledge…so I could have a go-to resource for my customers and families when someone is interested in learning more about their options.  Ed is that guy for me, he is the one I send my family to.”

– CEO Home Health Care Agency

“Ed….Actions speak louder than words and your actions always speak volumes of how incredible you are!”

– Alex K.

“Love Efficiency”

– Arlene D.

“Whitney, thank you for your efficiency and attentiveness to this matter. You have provided me with excellent service. Much appreciated.”

– Maria J.

“PSI really makes the process so easy for us each year; it’s a pleasure. The information is so well laid out that we can quickly come to decisions.”

– Joseph F.

“Ed, we are in a tricky situation but it brings us some comfort to know we have someone with your knowledge to help us through.”

– Logan O.

“I have to say, this has been the most pleasant renewals I have ever experienced. Kudos to you.”

– Karen W.

“Thank you again for your excellent service and attention to detail.”

– Ed S.

“Thank you ALL for your help…for being wonderful, patient and always looking out for all of our folks! You are all A+++.”

– Mary V.

“It was so great working with you…such a smooth handling of the account, so quick to respond, and always had answers.”

– Judith S.

“A big thank you to each and every one at PSI….always kind, helpful and unlimited patience…sincere thanks for your expert advice and guidance.”

– Michelle C.

“Ed…your attention, professionalism and expertise made a very stressful decision easy. You offered not only your advice and time but your compassion and care. Thank you for being so genuine and most important trustworthy.”

-Karen P.

“I get jazzed working with brokers that know their stuff and I will look to you often as the experts.”

– Darlene B.

“Whitney is absolutely amazing!  Finding the right healthcare is stressful and expensive, you and your staff have given me the level of comfort I need to ensure my family is covered.  Whitney made this easy and painless.”

– Ralph L.

“This is a huge help and I GREATLY appreciate your time and efforts on my behalf. There is truly none better on the customer service front than PSI!!!!!”

– Rachel A.

“Jodi is the best!  Always on top of things, getting back to the clients in record time and being friendly to boot.  Your office is lucky to have such a dedicated professional.”

– Candy S.

“In finance, I believe, ethics is the key. That is why we rely on [Ed.]”

– Dr. I.

“Over our more than 25 years association, you have shown yourself to be thoroughly professional, always with primary consideration of your client’s requirements. This…. also recognizes your contributions and achievements in the community and further notes much of your company’s success is directly attributable to your efforts and innovative ideas…Besides your great professional services, you are also an excellent community asset.”

– Sal B.

“We are very fortunate to work with such a professional group of people. Ed’s leadership and expertise certainly shines through in the work you folks at PSI do for us! Thanks for having our backs!”

– Colleen H.

“You don’t just aim, you far exceed expectations. Many thanks.”

– Chris M.

“Everyone at PSI is wonderful, always genuine and very helpful – going the extra 10 steps and more. Thank you all.”

– Darlene S.

“I would recommend you and your company to anyone that asks!!”

– Cindy M.

“We appreciate the fantastic support we receive all year long from you and your extremely capable and friendly support staff.”

– Ellie F.

“[PSI] did a bang up job on the MetLife call yesterday… Well prepared, kept on target and certainly lowered our collective stress level.  It was an extension of our experience on a daily basis that [PSI] is great to deal with.”

– Jim O.

“[PSI] went the extra mile to help me renew my plan and save me money too”

– Hayes R

“Thank you for providing us with excellent service throughout. Your diligence and efficiency is unmatched!”

– Manvinder D

“I don’t normally give out that many blanket endorsements, but in this case I could not resist….I have introduced some top business clients to Ed…they have all been blown away by his knowledge…and problem solving skills…Ed is quite simply, the best!”

– Steven A

“One of the best days I had was when Ed Gaelick walked into my office to introduce himself. His firm fits my needs like a glove fits a hand. Now I have the security of knowing that Ed and his staff are on top of everything without me having to worry.”

– Dr. Steven F. R

“We have been using PSI Consultants for 28 years…Ed Gaelick and his staff have always responded immediately when called upon. Ed has become a trusted advisor for us.”

– Bruce D

“I am so happy we have finally found a broker that is so thorough. Believe me, it is such a pleasure!!!”

– Margaret M

“We feel that no one else will be able to compete with the customer service of all at PSI…”

– Karen R

“Thank you for your continued quality for the past 10 years on all our health and life insurance needs.  We greatly appreciate the personal contact you have shown all our employees and also the people we have referred you to over the years.”

– Curtis L

“…Whereas other companies start out great and can’t be found when it matters most, Ed and his competent team guide us.  I highly recommend Ed Gaelick.”

– Bob F

“As a busy executive, father and husband, time and financial stability is of the utmost importance.  The trust I have in Ed allows me the freedom of not worrying about my financial future and affords me additional quality time with my family.”

– Harry F

“Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the special attention you offered us…It would not have happened without you Ed! It is always such a pleasure dealing with you and your professionalism.”

– Dawn & Billy B

“Thanks for your complete professionalism and sincere willingness to help. We feel confident that you are impacting our financial future in a positive way.”

– Heather D

“Dear Ed, Words are inadequate to express my appreciation to you for the outstanding leadership & expertise you so generously provided to me and all our officers & personnel.”

– Niles

“Ed and his staff are truly the nicest and most capable people we have come to know in the insurance business. With genuine caring and upmost professionalism, PSI Consultants has proven it is first rate in their field.”

– Michelle H

“We have done business for ten years now, and your service seems to constantly improve, in spite of the fact that insurance becomes more and more complicated, time consuming and is constantly changing.”

– Joseph T

“Your expertise helped put us at ease and enabled us to concentrate on the real issues.”

– Kate S

“In a service type business such as this, it is refreshing today to work with a firm such as PSI, that really understands the needs of its customers.”

– F Keith S

“Ed brings together the combination of knowledge, experience and caring to his clientele and these attributes alone give him the cutting edge in the industry.”

– Gail D

“Choosing PSI Consultants and Ed Gaelick is clearly the best possible choice we could have made…I just wanted to take a few moments to express my highest regard for you and your company.”

– Debbie L

“I feel confident having you as my insurance agent and knowing that I can trust you in your opinion for any future coverage that my family may need.”

– Michele C

“Thank you, [PSI]!  I truly appreciate the dedication, knowledge and patience of your entire team.”

– Stephanie

“Ed is an engaging, knowledgeable and inspiring presenter.  He knows the material inside and out and it’s easy to see that he genuinely cares about helping others.  I loved his style and the way he motivated me to think and critically evaluate.”

– Joan H

“Ed Gaelick from PSI Consultants, LLS has spoken to the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners on numerous occasions on business related topics.  As president of this statewide organization, I have witnessed many speakers and presenters.  Mr. Gaelick is extremely knowledgeable, professional and well prepared.  He connects to the audience and is engaging.  We will definitely have him back!”

– Rosanna I

“Ed distills complicated issues into what’s relevant to the room.  His brilliance is backed by an undeniable passion to help people grow!  Total game changer!”

– Renee G

“I wanted to let you know that I appreciate the effort you made to provide a deep and broad set of options for us to evaluate. Very helpful.”

– Rich L

“You are always so helpful.  Thank you for coming back to me so soon and with clear/concise explanations.”

– Dawn C

“I would like to thank each of you for all your great work!  You always help me throughout the year and I want you to know that I appreciate each of you individually.  You make my job a whole hell of a lot easier, that’s for sure!”

– Eileen R

“What a great presentation.  I will be proud to share these with our people, extremely professional, clear, concise and laid out.”

– Joe W

“Ed….Zach and I want to thank you for your selflessness and effort. As always, your work was without reproach.”

– Steven K.

“Thank you so much Ed. You and our staff are awesome.”

– Jeff G.

“Thank you Jodi. I truly appreciate the dedication, knowledge and patience of your entire team.”

– Stephanie B.

“Jodi….you guys are so on top of your game, really. Thank you.”

– Michael M.A.

“You set a stellar example of professionalism in your field.”

– Sharyn D

“Thank your team for their help during this very stressful time…you guys are a blessing in my life.”

– Gail M.


“I can’t tell you how great Whitney is to work with. Everything that came her way…was up and above.”

– Eileen R.


“Jodi: you did an awesome job for us – we really appreciate it! Thanks so much! We are lucky to be able to work with you!”

– Stuart W.