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Life Insurance

The long game is vital to your life’s picture. Your wealth, your assets, your family – and you – are the utmost importance to us. We evaluate and strategize your options to provide the solutions and protection you demand and need. There are many types of life insurance plans to consider: Whole Life, Term, Level Term, Universal, Adjustable, Flexible and so many more. It can get overwhelming and we understand. We help you navigate all the options from leading insurance companies and providers to help you make the most sound decisions. Let’s get started.

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Income Protection / Disability Insurance

Everything you have and hope to have depends on your continued ability to work. What if your income suddenly stopped? Income protection remains one of the most overlooked insurance policies should something happen to you unexpectedly. Working with leading insurance companies and providers, we can help you design a plan to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Shall we begin?

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Long-Term Care

When our clients consider their planning options should they need home health care, assisted living or skilled nursing in the future, a major factor is how will you pay for the appropriate level of care. So it may be wise to look into the various types of insurance plans available to offset some or all of that exposure. And insurance plans are constantly changing. We will explore and outline all the features and benefit options from our network of providers for this important protection. So “What if” can be “I’m ready.” Let’s take the first step.

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Employee Benefits

It starts with a Needs Discovery Session

As a business owner and/or corporate executive, your company leaders and valued staff are paramount to your success. In addition to our core products (Life, Disability Insurance, and Long Term Care), we also provide creative Employee Health Benefits for small- to mid-size companies to assure you attract and retain employees.

We develop a strategic game plan. Each company and its staff are different. Our job is to do exhaustive research and comparisons and provide you with the best options possible. The environment of health care is constantly changing, and the products are too. We’re here to help you determine the right solutions and stay on top of the most current options. We’re ready, are you?

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Executive Benefits

Attract, Protect and Retain Top Players.

Your executive team and company directors are the most vital asset of your business. How do you ensure business continuity if a shareholder or business partner suddenly dies or becomes disabled? In addition to our core insurance products, we also provide benefit solutions for high-level personnel that is more specialized than the other plans we offer. Let us help you protect your most valuable VIPs.

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